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Is TRUE FRIEND really hard to find?
John Paul Lopez
Surigao, Surigao del Norte

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Is TRUE FRIEND really hard to find?

Not sure

What is your definition of a true friend?

true friend sticks with you through the good times and the bad
A true friend will say what you might not want to hear
A true friend won't stay mad
A true friend looks from the inside out and doesn't judge by a glance
A true friend will stick by you even when you take a stance
A true friend loves you for who you are not what you could be
A true friend should be cherished cause' few exist you see

Do you have one?

Yes I Do
Nop I don't
Not so sure

How many years have you been together?

8yrs and above

Are you still planning to keep your friends till the end?

Yes of course
Nop I wont
Maybe if he/she still like me
Not so sure

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